Your Fearless-Golf mind is a another skill that will get you over the hump to play better.

  Mentally ready for the round.

How can you achieve a Fearless-Golf mind set? Playing a lot of good golf can be the easy answer. Although your not that golfer or am I.

The next step would have to quality golf lessons and if possible playing lessons. The practice range is a good place to work on what you have learned from your lessons. The Golf course can intimidate some if you don't play a lot and just play one type of course.

Getting comfortable on the Golf course isn't really that hard.You need to challenge your Golf game so you will get better and more  comfortable. One way to reduce your fear would be to play different types of Golf courses where you live. You may even notice some of the similarities of the golf holes from course to course. This may lead to Fearless-Golf metal game.

Golf-Tips on Fearless-Golf aren't that far out of your grasp to a stronger mental game.

As you work on your game at the practice range, picture the one hole that give you the most trouble when you play. Have a target  to aim for like the 250-yard flag if your range has one. Line-up your shot and let it rip!

   Your range target.

Now if it did in fact make it to the 250-yard Flag. Set-up your second shot and so on. Doing this like you are playing the hole will training your mind and your body to do what is required to pull it off. You can do this until you get right. Phrasing it another way, if it were a video game, you can always hit the reset button to start over. When really need some help goto

The other way help your mind with this fear could be not always playing when the Sun is shining. Why not try playing in the rain? Let say a little
drizzle, you don't have to play a full round. What if it starts to real come down and you don't have all your rain gear. Wet feet in your shoes
not very much fun.

   Online Resources that can help.

Having a yardage guide of some of the courses you play is yet another way of developing a Golf mind. Some guides make suggestion on which Tee blocks to play from.Having 1 or 2 yardage guides will help to develop that golf mind of fearlessness. One other site to look at would be

Knowing where the water is on the hole to how many bunkers there are. Does the fairway open up or is it a hidden dogleg. What is the slope? Does the hole slope up, does it slope down. All this information is there for you to play your best golf, why not use it? Being Fearless when you play takes away some stress and will add more fun.


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