Golf-Alignment-Tips and finding the fairway
more often.

Golf-Alignment-Tips and Golfers who aren't aware of there alignment flaws. May be you want to check-out,the Golf-Tips that can point your shoots in the direction at the flag.

You're at the first Tee you have an excellent shot that goes over the trees and in the next fairway. Aiming your body and club face incorrectly, affects how the golf ball will travel. When you go to
the practice range have alignment rods or just 2 Golf club works just as well.

Using your irons to help with alignment.

What will help you to fix your alignment? Standing beside the Golf ball on the Tee at address,instead of standing behind the ball looking at the target.One of these methods works better than the other. When you the Golfer looks where you want the ball to finish after your shot. Doing this constantly on each and every hole and round of Golf. Doing  this will help to lower your scores.This is also how important alignment is to your game.Weather its on the Putting green or pitching and chipping. As a Golfer who desires to do better and play better. Knowing what direction your golf shot is going consistently  helps to also lower your handicap.

Your second shot in the fairway looking at the green.

Using Golf-Training-Aids when you practice  your Golf-Alignment-Tips to improve your game.

The Driver isn't the easy club to hit with consistent results every time you use when you play around of Golf. With new Driver technology that Golf Manufacturers develop and construct for the Pros and you and me. Finding the right driver isn't so easy to do, let alone the cost.Using your 8 or 6 iron will help you to improve your Golf-Swing. Driver and the 3-wood aren't the same club. They are close is length the 3-wood is just a little shorter than the your Driver. In a video by Bobby Clampet he shows how the 2 clubs are close in lengthen. However the Driver does take almost a second longer to swing than your 3-Wood, using the same stance. How does this relate to Golf-Alignment-Tips? If you are a new golfer your 3-wood is a good starting point.How your driver will bend and flex during the Golf Swing.Has direct affect on how your golf Ball travels after the swing is struck.

 The next time you go to the practice range. After you have warmed-up take-out your Driver. Tee up a golf ball so it is near the the shaft of the club, you should miss the Golf Ball. After you've done that place a ball near the toe of your Driver, this shot if done correctly might go straight or draw. Now place a ball in the middle of your club face. After these shots you can see how where you place the ball in relation to the club face, what the Golf ball will do. After you have done this for lets say 15 to 20 minutes. It shows how you and your Golf Swing will do when you
play your next round.

Working on your Golf-Alignment-Tips for every part of your game year round, will help with your game and more fun
when you play with lower scores.


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