Attending Golf-School will be fun,learning how to shooting lower Golf Scores.

Taking notes for future reference.

Back to school, Golf-School. Do you even consider getting quality instruction before you buy those new irons, Driver and wedges.There maybe a group or golf school near you. Have someone who will guide you and assess your Golf-Swing.

Golf-Schools are or should be run by PGA instructors who know what will
work for you and how you play your Golf. Looking in the yellow pages that's if you still use a telephone book.The popular Golf magazines are most likely a better place to start. Golf practice ranges have Golf Pros who provide lessons to help you on your way to lower handicaps and scores. Wherever you are in this world there has to be a Golf school near you. If you're on a budget why not try

Golf-School,if you have a real passion for Golf it will be worth your time and money.

 Golf ball falling in hole for birdie.

Once you have found the golf school that will help you with your game. No doubt they will provide you with some Golf-Drills and some Golf-Instructional-Tips to help you to hone your skills as they develop. Most every Golfer who has played the game will tell you that a solid Short-Game will save your bacon on those tough
days on the Golf course.

Golf's top instructor like Jim McLean and Dave Plez and many others have helped many Golfers Professional and amateurs alike on there way to winning and improving. Finding the school and instructor that will work for you and someone who will be easy to learn from might be how to begin.

These Golf Pros have instructors.

However, if you have the time money and you're able to travel.
Check-out Golf Pros like John Jacob's, David Leadbetter, Dustin Johnson
and Jim McLean. There are others like Hank Haney and Butch Harmon
and the Nike Golf School. No doubt if you live else where schools
can found in Canada, Europe, Asia and South America.

Tiger has passion.

If you have the passion to play Golf and to play well, a golf school and or instructor could be closer than you think. The idea is to start somewhere. Even if you are left-handed player using a right-handed club that you found in the garbage. Being persistent is one key to getting where want to be and doing what you enjoy doing. I can't say that it will be easy, if life was always easy it would called easy.

Your Goal and Target.

Writing down your thoughts on what you hope to accomplish in your Golf life.They will help you to have goals to aim for and complete. Schools and or Golf-Instruction is for the most part a good starting point when just starting out for a beginner.


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