Golf-Tips on Golf-Stretching. Only if there tips on stretching. Being more flexible could give me that extra distance. Then I might be able to hit the golf ball farther and shoot lower scores.

How do you get Golf-Tips for Golf-Stretching? Stretching and warming up the body before a round of even if it is just a short 9 holes could maybe cause a injury if you don't swing a club or two before you play. There are books and classes on stretching, such as yoga which can help you to increase your over flexibly.

This in turn will help you to do well on the golf course and increase club head speed. Have you ever watched your dog or cat after they get up from a nap, they slow stretch the front legs and then the back and the rest of there bodies.Read More-Golf-Stretching.

Tools that can increase your swing speed.

Golf-Stretching can be a habit that can relax and warm you up before your round.

Most competitive athletes have a route of stretching before they perform. Having said that why shouldn't amateur golfers do the same? Golf-tips on Stretching, It just might help you to hit the ball a little farther and even in the fairway.

There are DVDs and audio CDs, which can help you if you just don't know how to approach this, or buy a book.The Spanish Golfer or Golf's most interesting man Miguel Angel Jimenez has a warm up routine and he has a cigar with him as he is doing it.

That being said don't go out and buy a few cigars and start stretching. Slow lite stretching with a short iron like your 7-iron making short easy swings.

 Increasing the speed with various movements of the golfing muscles so as to feel warmth not a sweat. This will also help you go through your round in your mind before the first Tee.Having something like a Golf-Fitness-Stretch-Trainer available to you could help.

Using 7-iron or wedge to warm-up.

When you're not playing Golf and you are at work or sitting at home on the computer, doing house work. Golf-Tips and trying determine which Golf-Stretching exercises will work for you, isn't hard to do when you know how.

Stretching those tight muscles for 30 seconds will help your game the next time that you're playing a round of Golf. Most people who are active up pass 40 years of age do find someway to keep flexible, so they can enjoy a quality life longer. Golf-Stretches will help at any age when done correctly.

 Eating constantly foods that will help maintain your bones, muscle and tendons is a challenge these days. Ask your Doctor,look for a nutritionist to see what will work for you. Omega-3 and Omega-6's  could also help those stiff joints.

     Yoga for Stretching.

If you know someone who just eats fast food and it does seem to affect them in anyway. Do they eat other foods at home like fresh fruits and vegetables to balance out there fast food cravings.

As for what type of stretching for your golf game will work for you. Do you start with dynamic,static,relaxed and isometric is there a book,a DVD? Golf-Stretching-Exercises that work.

If you're the type of person who enjoy Martial Arts like Tai-Chi, Karate or even Tae Kwon Do. More to the point an activity that requires you to do some sort of stretching to keep you and your muscles and joints limber. Golf-tips on this subject can be found at the library, internet and the local bookstore. Looking for book and info on Golf-Stretching-Equipment.

If you are like some of us who Golf in cold weather because we just can't get enough Golf. Keeping warm can be a challenge so you can be flexible for most of your round. The modern fabrics can be a way to go they are thin lite while maintaining constant warmth. Just a thought anyway.


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