Golf-DVDS like having a Golf Pro at your Fingertips. Golf-Tips that you can see.

Golf-DVDs where do you get them and do you really need to have them all. They can be found on E-bay Amazon and The PGA web-site. Video Golf-Tips.


Golf DVDs for home use.

AJ Golf

If you don't have a DVD player this might be a waste of your time.
Having a least more than a half dozen DVDs myself they don't
replace a Golf Pro. Although reviewing these videos for Golf-Tips have helped me with my Short game and bunker. Pure Point Golf is an excellent starting place to get help with your game.They have DVDs for every part of your game. This site has a good selection of instructional DVDS.

When you purchase your first 1 or 2 DVDs review them slowly. Take notes on what you need to work on. If you find a few Golf-Tips that will help with Putting,really pay close attention to reading the green and how the grass is growing when you're near water. This information may seem trivial until you need to sink a putt for birdie.


Getting better with your Driver and your irons will take some pressure off your short game skills like chipping,pitching and Bunker play.
Watching these DVDs will help you to know what is needed to know,so you can hit the Golf ball straighter farther. Being a better play on Par-3s requires you to be very good at Putting. Shooting 5s and 6s on Par-3s is something that you what eliminate from your game and fast.

Using Golf-DVDs to help you know what to do
for every shot.

Golf Ball in the rough.

Par 4s and 5s and all up and down slope. Give some challenges.
Knowing which club to use for some of these shots.When your ball ends up in the rough getting out of the rough so you're back in the fairway.You want your next shot to land on the green so you can just Putt. Know how and golf experience will help with this.Most Golfers would just pitch it in the fairway so they have clear shot at the flag

Golf-DVDs that can give tips on trick shots were you can curve the ball on command take a lot of practice. Do I fade the shot to get around the trees or does a draw seem to be the way to go.Thinking about your next shot can save you time looking for lost balls. This in turn speeds up play. Having to play a 150yd shot around a group of trees to the hole is a nice shot to know how to do when you work at it.

 Golf ball in fairway.

Golf-DVDs will open your Golf mind to what can be done on the Golf Course. When someone plays a seemly impossible shot and scores an Eagle.Then you say to your self how did she do that. Commitment to Golf year round mentally and physically will help you slowly. Study the game of Golf and check out your Clubs do they replacing, or is it just your Putter.


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