Golf-Drills and lower scores equal a Happy Golfer.

 Golf ball

Golf-Drills that can be done all year long and can keep you and your game razor sharp. When a new Golf season starts where you live. Some Golfers may just go to the range to work on their game. Hitting a a large bucket balls with no purpose and goal in mind. If you're not sure what type of drills will help goto

Line up 5 or 6 Golf balls in a row. Get a short iron, like 8 or 7 iron and quickly hit them to a target. This will help you to see how consistent your shots are.

  Practice net in bunker.

Working your sand game is a skill that you can never seem to get enough practice. Working on just getting the ball consistently out of the sand does take more time than you think. If you work on your bunker for lets say 15 minutes, another ten minutes or so will help to hone it just a little more.

Doing more than you think is necessary can separate you from double digit to become a single digit handicap. Train don't strain. One first step that most lower handicaps mention is to work on your short game.

Golf-Drills for just about every part of Golf and you the player will help get better.

The short game can be getting the ball out of the rough consistently all the time. Practice your second shot to the green. Spend a lot of time in the sand and trying different shots in the sand that you will encounter when you play.

 This could be your second shot.

Learn to putt ask for help on how to putt better. Learn how to read the greens so you will know how the ball will roll to the hole.Getting fitted for a putter that will work for you alone.

      Putting Drill.

Practice your putting more than any part of your game, fewer putts equal lower scores. As for your Golf-Swing using a shorter club like 9-iron or pitching wedge in the off season can help. Just swing very slowly at first. If you have a place to hit golf balls in the off season great.

Although, if you don't, using plastic or foam golf balls indoors will work as well. Working on your Golf-drills safely so you break any lamps, windows and not to mention the Waterford crystal and fish tanks. Indoor practice will take some forethought on your part. Really think through you options for your golf improvement.

 Almost Golf Training balls.

     Elliptical Trainer.

There is one area that golfers don't seem think about for Golf-Drills and improvement. Doing golf specific exercises that mimic your Golf-Swing and what you're really doing on the Golf course. If like some of who enjoy walking instead of riding in a cart. Doing exercises that keep your legs strong and flexible. Don't forget the treadmill, Step-stair machine and the elliptical trainer, all year long.


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