Lack of Golf-Etiquette and or knowledge will get Golfers ejected from tournament play.

Golf-Etiquette its more than long drives in the fairway. Who goes first at the tee block, can I putt from here? Golf-Tips will help you and who you play with enjoy your round more.

   One golf ball so many rules.

Doing some research, like reading the rules of Golf and check the local rules of the Golf courses you play at can also help as well. If you play ready golf and are playing in tournaments,this format helps to speed up play. Better yet go to.

Although using the ready golf format work well for some. When playing in tournaments and you play out of turn adding strokes to your score card wouldn't be so good.

   Do I add a stroke to my score for that?

Simple things like being quiet on the tee and the putting green, will help not only your playing partners, it will help you as well. If your round has started and its raining and you're wearing a rain suit, the weather improves and you need to change quickly wait until you have the time as so not to slow down play and disturb other players as you change.

Golf-Etiquette is yet another way to lower
your scores or manage your game so you'll
do better.

Good follow through, only I hit the wrong ball.

Play the wrong ball; you and your playing partner have gone off the fairway and you are both in bounds.The one remote chance that you have played the same ball with the same number. This will be a problem for you two. Both balls are within a few yards of one another. How do you know who's ball is which.

If one of you has an identifying mark on either of the balls that will help reduce the stress determining which ball is which.However, if neither of you has a mark on your golf balls you may need to go the tee and re-hit your shots

  Shooting for 3 off the Tee.

Being late for your assigned tee time is harder on you than your playing
partners. You are required to be ready and on the first tee, you're not!
This does happen more often and is just cast aside. I understand life happens to some of us more than others. Golf being one of the toughest games to play why would you add undue stress to your round.

Information on Golf-Etiquette is out there either on web, your library books on The rules of Golf. This will help to understand the game better so that you will Enjoy the game and play better.


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