Golf-Fitness-Stretch-Trainer has a long name and it will help you play better.

What is this thing a golf-fitness-stretch-trainer? Sounds like too much work and even more money. Maybe not, stretching your body for golf has a lot of benefits in your favor.

       Fitness cables.

Faster swing speed, better mobility when you play and it will increase your overall body strength.How do you know what part of your body needs to be stretched. One way would be asking someone who is a personal trainer. When in a few short minutes they will assess you and will tell what needs work.

If stretching your body doesn't suit you, and you still need to be better consider the fact that in order for the muscles of your body to serve best they need to be warm. Have every worked with clay or even Play-Do when it is cold, it is very hard to shape and move.

Golf-Fitness-Stretch-Trainer can keep you swinging and flexible for a few more Golf rounds and years to come.

Your muscles as well as your body need to be warm to work there best. After saying that wouldn't it stand to reason that warming up and stretching your body before golf could be a good habit to get into.

  Weighted Warm-up Club.

If it were the early part of golf season and you sustained an injury, which stopped you playing the rest of the golf season or even worse the rest of your life who could you blame but yourself. Maybe a web-site that shows what is available could help.

That my sound harsh, although slowing down to get yourself ready for golf like stretching and warming up may-not be such a bad idea. After all don't you want to play this game for more than just a few years.

       Yoga Book.

Have you ever noticed that some people who do yoga for long periods of time are really sweating and may have though its just stretching...right. Stretching your body causes your muscles to work  in a different way, although it has  to move fluid through the muscle fibers.This in turn gets your blood flowing.

Having some rubber exercise tubing or band in your golf bag to help
you to prepare before every round of golf or even the practice range.
Wouldn't be such a bad idea. When you ingrain constant habits you
have a few more consistent rounds of Golf. This can lead to lower scores.


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