Golf-Fitness-Tips turning flab into lean fairway muscle
and lower scores.

Golf-Fitness-Tips, If you're feeling tried after you play 18 holes to have more energy could be what you need. No matter how it's phrased exercise,working-out, cardio.

Maintaining some sort of fitness level is easier than you think.Starting with walking and using the stairs instead of the elevator, if you work
on one of the higher floors like the 25th or 45th floors skip that idea.

 Fitness tubing and exercise bands.

Keeping physically fit for golf can benefit you in other areas in your life as well. If you have children and your tired when they ask you to play with them, maybe even a little exercise could help.

Anyway you are someone who golfs and you would like to play this game for quite awhile...lets say when you are in you 70 's or even 80's. Write out a plan and what type of Golf-Fitness-Tips will help you more

Golf-Fitness-Tips keeping Golfers on the fairway and out of the hospital.

    Eating real food daily.

Fitness should include the types of food items you use to fuel your body from day to day. If you really what to do this seek a nutritionist and or ask your doctor what they would suggest.

Do you have a gym membership are you currently active in a sport or fitness activity, if so you're mostly likely halfway there. Maybe, adding something that you already do or even changing how you do it would better. Fitness tubing and exercise bands are great for there lightweight and portability. Even going to a Golf site could help you if all this isn't what you're looking for.

They can be used just about any. Some are color coded,the darker colors are heavier resistance. The system for resistance isn't standardized. Most retailers have there resistance listed,one way to see what the resistance is the thicker the tube more, thinner lighter resistance.

Having tried the tubing, I have found that they are quiet and easy to use. Using a door hinge can be your anchor for some exercises, you need a long shoe lace to do this.


The tubing is for therapy, because you don't need worry about balancing a heavy dumbbell. Exercise tubing also great for focusing on one muscle group safely. Using weight to recover will add undo strain instead working the muscle area that needs to be worked.

Having gone through this myself rubber tubing or bands are the better way to go. Even light dumbbells may seem easy, until you start to feel strain and pain. Therapy will guide you on how to recover safely.


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