$20.00 Golf-Improvement-Aids might be better than a Golf lesson or new clubs.

Golf-Improvement-Aids will help your game. The question is pin-pointing what you need help with. Putting and the short game are 2 parts of your game that will always need some sort of work. How do you know which improvement aid will be the solution to your lower scores and more consistent Golf.

Look online or go to a golf shop to see what is out there. If you have read any of the current Golf  magazines, no doubt you look for the section that shows what Pro Golfers have in there Golf Bags. Some have what looks like orange or yellow sticks.

These are alignment aids for practice.They are about the length of long iron. When placed on the ground parallel to one another they are guides to help with your aim.

Golf-Improvement-Aids are out there for every part of your Game.

Use a target for aim and accuracy.

You can also have one pointing at your target at the range and lay the other perpendicular pointing to your target.This is your ball position. Being more accurate could be a simple as working on your swing using video on how to do it. http://www.purepointgolf.com

If when playing a round of Golf and most of your shots land close or near where you aimed.That seems OK, although you get to the toughest hole on the course. Setting up for your second shot and you slice the ball. Alignment was possibly the reason for this.

If you set-up to the ball and had the correct club to get it to the hole. Did you look at your feet,was the back foot more ahead of your front foot.That could the reason,not taking a proper stance or set-up, you can't have a good shot most
of the time.

Parallel clubs for practice and alignment.

Using 2 golf irons when practicing and or alignment rods will help to correct this flaw. It's a fixable flaw.You can even do this when your not at the practice range. Somewhere like a small room, garage, driveway. Take your stance without a club and look at how your feet are positioned. Are they even, will they be set-up for a draw or a nasty slice.

Golf-Improvement-Aids have been invented to all Golfer just a season Golf Professional who is just in a temporary slump. Look at your sport store, Golf shop where golf equipment is sold. Ask your Golf Pro what they think you need.They might suggest Golf-Driving-Tips . Wouldn't you rather be on the Golf course playing well or taking more lessons. Don't stop the lessons until your Golf Pro says you're good to go.


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