Golf-Injuries causing an achy breakie game, not to mention your golf-swing.

You're play a short round just 9 golf-injuries to think about, everything seems fine you keep playing only three more holes and you feel an ache in your arm or was it your wrist no maybe its your leg near your knee.

Yoga for injury prevention.

8th hole short par-4 you reach for the 3-wood to play safe. Standing on the tee your playing partner is first, nice shot. Just as you are about to finish your follow through you cramp up and your ball doesn't even go 140 yards.

What could cause cramps? If you weren't drinking enough water as you were playing that might be the reason. Understanding that some sport drinks can help. Do you need extra sugar in your body. Drinking fresh clean cool water as you play will cool your body, hydrate it and clean out toxins.

    Warning be prepared.

As for other ways that you can prevent Golf-injuries. One thing
that you could start doing would be stretching before during and
after your round. Even in hot summertime weather cool breezes may
cause your muscles to cool too quickly. Light layers can help keep
your body at a constant temperature as you play.

Golf-Injuries know when to stop and let your
body heal, so you can get back to Golf.

For someone who already does most everything to keep fit and ready for Golf you can still get an injury, which can prevent you from play golf. Listening to your body from day to day and keeping mental notes on how your arms are functioning in relation to your golf swing. Do your feet and legs, hips get stiff through-out an round of golf. One way to prevent injury could knowing what causes you the most difficulty is it your swing? Reducing injury from Golf could something you're not doing right.

  Fresh Clean water.

Something as simply as clean fresh cold water factored in with good nutrition, can help your body function through-out a round of golf. Drink at least a litre of water, depending on the day. Adding just a little lemon to your water will help as well.

Recovering from golf injuries or any injury for that matter does require a certain amount of patience on your part. If severe enough your Doctor will or should recommend Physio-Therapy. If surgery isn't needed and you go with physio-therapy, ask a lot of the right questions.

Doing the work is the hard part. With-in a short time you could be swing a club sooner than you think. When an golf-injury occurs or any injury for that matter, rest it and putting ice as soon as possible to get the inflammation down to start the healing.

Give the body & mind rest helps with recover as well. Get 7 to 8-hours of quality sleep.

Use a heating pad only if you are told to by a doctor or Physio-therapist. If pain medication is required as question about it and what it will do for you and your body type.You really don't want another problem to arise because of pain medication.


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