Golf-Instruction-Videos,your own personal library and
Golf Pro when you need help.

If you haven't viewed golf-instruction-videos maybe there is information that could help your game. The one thing about them you can review
them to see what you didn't understand the first time.

There are so many out there that are affordable. You may find that having 2 or 3 videos next to your golf books will help in the off season. Reviewing them every so often might be cheaper than a few golf-lessons yearly.

There are videos online for viewing, only down side is you need to go online, instead of viewing them on your DVD player.

   Writing out plans.

After you have viewed these videos for sometime get a notebook
write down golf-tips that you have picked up on. Take these tips to the practice range first. Work through them to see what will really work for your golf-swing and game.

Golf-Instruction-Videos and different ways to lower your scores.

In some of these videos you may acquire some information on golf clubs and what will work and help you play better. If your driver and wedges are OK but your irons or something just isn't working. Do you need to change your Putter?

 Fitted and ready to play.

You may what to get fitted for irons. Golf-shoes have changed so much that the right golf-shoe could help your game as well. Minimal golf shoes? Will my Orthotics fit inside? 

If your feet aren't feeling good will you play well? If you happen to walk a lot when you play it's something to consider, unless you use the golf cart most of the time. With help from the internet the Golf Channel and off-line magazines there are so many Golf-Instructional-Videos.

 Which would you choose first. Easy answer, where you do worst, if its putting and short game.That is a place to start. It could be as simple as how you tee your ball at the tee block.

Golf is hard enough, every little step to make it easier is a good starting point.This part of the game to get better is up to you and how much you need to put into it.

 Reviewing DVDs will help.

Reading Golf magazines watching and studying Golf DVDs will show you methods for the many areas of playing Golf. Like anything working at is required to get better. Using Videos to help when you you get stuck.


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