With Golf-Mental-Training-Aids you can tap into the 5-inch course in your mind.

The Golf mind and methods, Golf-Mental-Training-Aids. Working on your mental game isn't something that Golfers consider when you want to score lower. The Golf course in your mind has yet to be mastered. The 5-inch course between your ears.

     Golf ball in bunker.

When playing we want a good tee shot on par 3s or nice shot that lands in the middle of the fairway. Bunkers seem to be where you don't want your shot to end up. It lands in a bunker that doesn't leave you an easy shot to get it out.

When you have your share of bad shots. Was it swing errors or was it a thought in your mind? How can a Golfer block distractions that appear when you really just want to par the hole or make a shot from a good
lie? Applying the right mental method will help. http://www.fearlessgolf.net

Golf-Mental-Training-Aids could be as simple as sitting in quiet room before your round with your Dog or Cat.

Preparing before you play is one way. Playing a golf course before a tournament, can help understand how you and your golf game will deal with the slope, bunkers and water as you play.The idea behind doing this is to know want clubs you will need to tame the harder holes.

One example of this is Ben Hogan left his 7-iron out of his golf bag. He new from his previous experience that he would be consistent enough in his play he wouldn't need that club. Adding and removing clubs when playing different golf courses can help you to get through tough rounds. Don't forget the 14-club limit max in your Golf Bag.

    Ben Hogan Golf books.

Golf-Mental-Training-Aids don't really need to be a physical tool in-which you see or carry with you. Mental Mind methods that can be learned through training and practice. Let say something like other focusing can be a good way stopping a mental block in its tracks.

One example could be, your on the putting green and its just a simple 10 inch birdie putt. The wild life is making noise. Its a song bird is giving its Grammy performance. That can't be believed and its really loud.

    Golf ball going in the hole.

Waiting for it to finish isn't an option. Setting up to the putt can help your mind get ready. Just as you make the putt an 2-inches before the ball goes in the hole the song bird stops and the putt goes in. Sometimes letting nature be can help your game. Sort of like a goose eating grass 4 yards away when you need to make a shot with a lot of uphill slope.

   Doing some mental prep.

If you require some help focus and concentration. Staring at a lit candle on a table, when none is around can help. Even doing simple math to clear the cob-webs out of your mind.

When your golf mind is stuck you can correct it by using Golf-Mental-Training-Aids and they don't need to be pricey. Ask other golfers for tips when you're not playing.


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