More golfers are looking for Golf-Putting-Tips. Fewer putts equal lower scores.

  Golf-ball going in the hole.

Golf-Putting-Tips seem to be over looked by some golfers. Knocking the cover off the Golf ball is great, what about your putting. Tips for putting will help even if it is just your weekend game.

What if you could do something about your 3 and 4 putts on every second hole, you might break 90 or even 80. Putting is the part of the game in which we as golfers say it's just a short 2-foot putt. Then you miss it. Why? Constant practice with the putter has been proven to help lower golf scores.

The amount of time to do this can be as little as 3-hrs per week in a quiet room or the practice green at a golf range. Something as simple as good posture can help. The method for practice should be to improve on holes which will give you the most help.

Golf-Putting-Tips may-not be for all Golfers.
When was the last you 3 or 4 Putted a key
hole and needed 2 Putts?

 Downhill putts are the most challenging will the ball break right or left is it going to roll off the green. How do you read the green? Does the grain of the grass grow, so as soon as you tap the ball ever so lightly, it rolls faster than you thought?


As you can gather, putting is a part of the game that needs constant work on your part. How are we going to do that? Finding time to work on your putting isn't as hard as it sounds. When you went to school class had different times through your week, and you did your homework after school.

Scheduling time for putting practice 20-min to 30-min every second day could be away to go. Like school reading up on putting will give you some insight as how to approach different greens. Most practice ranges have putting green. Working on your putting.

  Books that can help.

Practicing in room when it's quiet, on low ply carpet with a plastic juice glass can be a way to go. Putting on a hardwood floor won't be rewarding, it's hard and unforgiving.

When the weather is good, get outside to practice your putting, early morning, after dinner, after work.The idea is you don't always golf at the same-time of the day do you.

This will ingrain habits to be better. Applying Golf-Putting-Tips throughout the year will improve your game.


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