Golf-Stance is the base of your swing that changes with the lie.

The Golf-Stance it is the base of your swing. How you stand to the ball with each shot required for a round of golf determines what your swing
will do and how the ball travels to the hole. For your Tee shot the ground is flat, easy lie.

 If the first hole is a par-3 and it lands on the green you two putt for par. What if that same par-3 had bunkers around it or even worse water on one side. Now it's more to contend with. Not really sure;try

  Golf ball in fairway.

As for par-4 or par-5 holes you have more landscape to work with, and the fairway isn't always flat. There could even be a bunker in the middle of the fairway.

 First hole at Augusta.

Knowing what will work for most every shot is part of the game. For bunker shots most seem uneven when you're just a few yards from the hole. For shots that downhill uphill or a variation of these shots on side-hill lie. Moe had a stance that worked.

Golf-Stance, 1 Golf swing, change your stance for the lie.

One component which does seem to be the same for most golf shots is
the slight blending of your knees and waste. This action of your
body helps to move the golf club in various positions. In baseball,
hockey, soccer and football are for most of the time played on a
level surface.

   Second shot to hole.

When you tee off in golf the tee is flat or level for your first shot. Putting greens aren't always flat. On par-4's and par-5's your second shot isn't always flat or level. Your second shot could be up hill and around the corner to the right with pot bunker in that fairway.

Lets look at a shot that is down hill with water in front of the hole. Fairway which appear flat from the tee can really play with your mind,
as you get to your second shot, the fairway isn't so flat.The sunlight
wasn't shining in your favor.

Do golf scores go up depending on sun and cloud? Moreover your golf-stance needs to be adjusted as you play. The practice range is mostly flat. If you are playing on a day when it is really quiet and none is around on the course.

Try some shots with an extra ball to see if you can curve your ball around that tree you hit most of the time. You do this all the time.Trying harder shots will help you to adjust your stance easier and lower your scores.


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