Golf-Stretches and Golfers who look as though they had casts
on their limbs, could use some stretching pointers.

Golf-Stretches you may only need a few. Knowing which ones on any given round of golf and how to change them as required. If you have played any sports in previous years, before you started you had to warm-up and do some stretching. As you move through your life for one reason or another you stop doing activities.

    Books on Yoga.

Incorporating some sort of Stretches into your Golf life can extend your enjoyment for years to come.The next step would be the what and
how of stretching. Yoga is a good active stretching method. Most fitness clubs have classes or programs.

OK, you don't have time to do that. Using a golfing iron every time you play golf or go to the practice range. If you don't walk and play using a golf cart, it can be used as well. Stretching arms, legs and back. As you begin stretching  getting you body warm first is important, you don't want to cause a golf injury stretching. If you're use a Golf cart walk for a few minutes to get your blood flowing.Then do some Stretching using a short iron.

Golf-Stretches which ones will help your game and the ones that won't.

In the early morning or even when its just plain cold. Wearing extra layers that can be stored in your Golf Bag will help with this. As you start your round its cold and after 5 or 6 holes the temperature goes up
10 to 15 degrees. Store these layers in your bag.

Now as you're playing, light stretching wouldn't be a bad idea, even though your warm and fluid. This will help you to keep connected to your body as you're playing. If you have time and pace of play allows swing a club to keep your body warm and loose.

  Reading for more flexibility.

Most Golf courses have trees or sign posts. Using them to help you stretch your legs.The calf muscles at the back of your legs tend to get tight. Using a tree or post to support you to do this stretch. Provided they are strong enough to support your weight.

If you do this and the sign post is the number of the hole your playing and you push over the next group and the Golf course won't be very happy with you. The benches that some Golf courses have at some holes can be used for stretching also not just for napping.

While you wait for the slow group ahead of you. Now you have some idea of what types of Golf-Stretches can be done as you're playing or practicing at the range.They you and your body to keep improving and lower your Golf Scores for many rounds and years.


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