Golfing-Tips that take me from the practice range to golf course. Do they existence?

With Golfing-Tips you've read about or saw on television. You're just trying to groove that swing. It's one of your favorite It's a warmer morning than it has been, you're at the practice range.


Practicing your  to improve your golf-swing and or your game as well is good a habit to get into. Rushing to finish the bucket of balls doesn't seem help when comes to game and swing improvement.

If you're recovering from an injury or just have time on your hands try this, go to the practice. After you have put your golf shoes on and have the clubs you need to work on, get the smallest bucket of balls. Now after you have stretched and warmed-up take more time between shots.

Golfing-Tips try a few to start with to see what will work for you.

After a while you will see that some of your shots are a bit better. When you are playing on the course there are some slow days. The slow practice does seem to help with this.

         Putting drills.

Putting is the one part of golf which always needs some work.You can practice your putting year round inside and out.

Even if you have an injury you can somehow find a method to help you improve your putting. If its a hospital stay not so much. Although when you can; using your mind to take you to your favorite golf course or practice range. Use your and see yourself standing on the tee preparing to hit a shot.

Seeing the ball landing in fairway missing the bunker. An exercise like this one is a good way to work on your mental game and other areas of golf. It you haven't tried this exercise do it the night before your next round.

  Golf ball lands in fairway.

 Subconscious mind at work.

The weather is the best it has been for weeks.You have been thinking about playing golf and today the day to go out for a round of 18 holes.

After you have taken your clubs out of car, you warm-up. In the back your mind your mind hasn't been on golf, you didn't hit any golf balls for over 3 weeks. After the round you walk back to you car licking your wounds. You didn't prepare to play mentally or physically.


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