Putting-Grip or Kung-Fu Grip. Hands High or Hands low.
I need to stop 3 putting.

Does your Putting-Grip cause you to 1-putt,2-putt,3-putt,4-putt if you have a hole like this and it's a Par-3 you just want to leave the without anyone seeing Golf-tips on putting could've helped. Don't give-up or even worse break your putter in two. Keeping it together will help get through a tough round.

Thicker grips have helped some Golfers.

Maybe it's just the one hole on the back 9 and you have two more to go. Was your putter sticking to your hands? The towel in your golf bag can fix that. http://www.atruegolfer.com/2012/.../how-to-hold-putter-8-correct-putting-grips

Why do some golfers hold the putter in such a strange way? Why are there grips starting to look really fat? The bigger or fat grip could help
you to use your arms more than your hands and wrists. Do I need a Golf-Tip on this maybe?

Putting-Grip simply use the one that is working for you.

As for the style of grips such the standard left hand high and right hand low,for the right-handed golfer. The claw grip which looks like the golfer has a physical problem, although it works. Golfers are using these grips because of the Yips or it could comfort thing for Golfers.


     Golf-Ball going in the hole.

Your putting grip not only has to work for you, it really should feel right for the way you putt. Before getting all messed up about the grip for your putting style go to a few golf shops and try the bigger and thick grips, if they are available.

Putt at least a half dozen putts in different directions not all on flat surfaces. After you have done that you will have better idea on what is going to work for you. Don't do this on a busy day when they have big sale going on. A quiet day would be preferred.

The longer putters have grips placed so as to use the putter with
pendulum movement. This movement helps golfer like Adam Scott putt
better and more consistently. The belly-putter has a long grip also
and you place in the belly area to keep it stable.

  Your target for each hole.

Golf-tips on Putting so as to help you improve one part of your game and lower your scores. Working on this enough so that one time you don't have to 3-putt to finish the hole.


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