Bump-and-run shots are saving golfers par! Should you give a try in your next round.

Learning the bump-and-run shot could be the one shot you could get comfortable with. If someone mentions this shot. It seems to be a golf shot that you might think who needs to use it. It could be the difference between par and birdie.

You're at your home course and your on one of the par-5 holes, you've hit an amazing second shot and its about 5-1/2 yards short of the green almost a short putt.

This is the green with all the hills and valleys.There water near the hole, it isn't a factor, the front bunker doesn't come into play. All you have to do is pitch it to the hole.

Using a pitch shot is something in the short-game which you really need to work on most of the time. Now you say to self, I always work on my pitching, although today you feel just a little off for some reason. If you don't seem to have enough time to work on your game check-out. http://golfshortcutsecrets.com

    Golf-ball in fairway.

Will Bump-and-run be the shot?  Golf-Tips for close to the Green or on it.

Lets take a quick look at where your ball is in relation to the flag stick. The elevation is uphill and the hole sits in a flat part of one of the valleys. The mound is about 4-yards in front of the hole, it could slow your ball down so much that it will roll off the green.


By now you're thinking which club,this is too much work, I might as well just pitch it to green and hope it lands in that flat part of the green.This is where your emotions could work with or against you, too much thought. How do you feel about the shot in your gut?

By using your pitching wedge, sand wedge and your putter. For each of the clubs mentioned you will be using a putting stroke.The ball is forward in your stance,with more weight on your front foot, the foot closer to the hole.

If you have practiced this shot you will know what to do. Before setting up to the ball, make a few practice swings so as to get a feel for how much ball speed is required to get the ball to the flat part of the green, for your third shot for eagle. Using the bump-and-run shot can be excellent back up plan. Pitching wedge or Putter,when you use the right club to get the ball closer to the hole. That means more pars or may be even a few birdies and or eagles.


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