Using Putting-Training-Aids, there is no shame in use 1 or
2 to lower scores.

Looking for Putting-Training-Aids that really work can be self defeating, when you don't know what will work for you. 2 golf tees on the practice green tied
to a string going to the hole. This helps with ball speed and feel for what is required to get the ball in the hole.

Maybe you have seen one of these training-aids, it has an arch to
it so you will move your putter on the a better path to the ball.

One of easiest ways to improve your putting is at on a carpet in quiet area of your home, at different times of the day. If your home has hardwood floors try putting on them and then go to a practice green to see and feel the difference. How is your putting progressing with different types of greens.Home made Putting-Aids when you can't get to the range.

You can be creative by using your own clubs placing them on the ground parallel to each other putting to a cup or target. Doing this with the golf balls at varying distances apart.

After you do this for sometime work on putting faster to build confidence. If possible ask someone to watch your putting, someone who you play golf regularly.

Putting-Training-Aids are like training wheels sooner or later you won't need them.

Positive words from someone you golf with can help you mentally. Listening to quiet music to calm the mind as you practice your putting.If you play Golf where there is a lot of noise. Practicing with some noise could help that.

 A calm mind Putts better.

Are you someone who places the golf-ball in different spots in your stance when putting.This may very well be what you are doing that hurts your scores. Keeping the ball position the same for every putt will help.

Some say place the ball in the middle of your stance others would like you just a little past middle. If the method that you are currently using works, stick with. Who needs unnecessary thoughts when putting.

   Making a long Putt.

Putting it another way the putter needs move the ball so as to roll the ball in a consistent manner to the hole without skipping or hopping.

As you practice your putting working with your stance to see which method provides a true roll. Slowing down your breath will also help to
calm to the mind, even if it is just a 4-inch putt to make birdie.

If the need arises to purchase one of the many Putting Aids. Shop carefully, it may help you to make more birdies.

        Putting for Birdie.


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